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In love! There is no other way to describe her. For more than two decades Sónia Teles has been dedicated to the world of fashion, design and contemporary luxury, negotiating with the most prestigious brands globally. With a Degree in Business Administration and Management, but with an ever-present artistic dimension, since her childhood, her creations have pleasantly presented her friends and family. It is with this same love that the designer of Yuti Design launches this new challenge, a project idealized from its essence.

All creations are carefully produced manually in her atelier in Lisbon. For this reason, each piece is unique.

With an exclusive and contemporary design and a quality of excellence, her creations stand out from the crowd, for their creativity and sophistication. With unparalleled versatility and comfort, Yuti Design's creations can be worn by day or night, in formal occasions, casual chic environments, day-to-day work or even in moments of full relaxation.

Each creation gives us a little of herself and her journey in life.

Inspired by true warriors of today’s world, unique women, examples of overcoming both in strength and in delicacy. Bold women, who dare to give voice to their identity. Demanding, determined, honest women, who aim at the good, who pursue their dreams and design their reality. Real women, who break conventions. Women who inspire us. Women to admire!

Because she loves to share her passion for design, the designer also brings you a careful selection of exclusive pieces from the best international designers, emphasizing their history, respect for the environment, quality and originality.