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Who We Are?

Yuti Design is an independent contemporary and handcrafted brand. 

From concept to final execution, each item is made with the utmost care by the designer in her studio, in Portugal.

Each piece is made from high quality leather, 100% natural, carefully selected and finished naturally, through the vegetable processes used by our ancestors, for a lesser environmental footprint.

Vegetable tanning is a method that uses plant extracts. Vegetable tanning skin is biodegradable. It does not use heavy metals, only vegetable tannins.

We produce only on demand, without waste and without large scale manufacturing and all that implies the existence of stock, thus contributing to less waste and less use of natural resources.

The leather used in the production of our pieces are all purchased from local merchants and manufacturers. Our intention is to contribute to fair and sustainable trade.

Yuti Design also has a clear mission of social responsibility.

In order to contribute to a better quality of life and support the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people, 10% of Yuti Design's profits are in favor of several social welfare institutions.

We believe we can live and prosper with generosity.

For a better world. 

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